Dima Damen

Professor of Computer Vision, School of Computer Science,
Lead of Machine Learning and Computer Vision Group, University of Bristol
EPSRC Early Career Fellow (2020-2025)

Senior Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

CVPR 2024 Talks

LOVEU Workshop - Long-Form Egocentric Video Understanding - towards Multi-modal AI Assitant

CV 20/20 Retro Workshop - What's Up with the Ego Buzz? Hype or Hope

Rhobin Workshop - Hand-Object Interaction Understanding and Reconstruction in Egocentric Videos

MULA - On Video, Audio and Language in Egocentric Videos


(2019) Egocentric Vision - BMVA Summer School 2019, Norwich, UK: slides

(2019) Introduction to Computer Vision - North African Summer School on Machine Learning (NASSMA) Slides [P1],video recording part 1, part 2

(2018) Egocentric vision - BMVA Summer School 2018, Norwich, UK: slides

(2017) Egocentric vision - BMVA Summer School 2017, Lincoln, UK: slides

(2012) Markov Chain Monte Carlo Tutorial: slides | MCMC Matlab Demo | MCMC Matlab Demo README | Perron-Frobenius Theorem Matlab Code | Perron-Frobenius Code ReadMe


Opportunities in Egocentric Video Understanding 2024, Keynote, WACV, Jan 2024

Opportunities in Egocentric Video Understanding, Keynote, Oct 2022

Video Understanding - an Egocentric Perspective, Keynote, Dec 2021

Learning from Narrated Videos of Everyday Tasks, CVPR 2020 Workshop on Learning from Intructional Videos, Keynote, June 2020

A fine(r)-grained perspective onto object understanding, Virtual Keynote, SAIC Toronto, April 2020

A fine-grained perspective onto object understanding, Invited Keynote, NCVPRIPG 2019 Conference, Hubli, India, Dec 2019

A fine-grained perspective onto object understanding, Invited Keynote, YouTube8M Workshop, ICCV 2019

Scaling Egocentric Vision, Extreme Vision Modelling Workshop, ICCV 2019

A fine-grained perspective onto object interactions, Invited Talk, BMVA Symposium (Sep 2019)

A Fine-Grained Perspective onto Object Interactions, Keynote VISAPP 2019, Prague (Feb 2019)

Challenges and Opportunities for Action and Activity Recognition using RGBD Data, BMVA technical meeting: Analysis and Processing of RGBD Data (Mar 2017)

You-Do, I-Learn, BMVC (2014)

Activity Analysis: Finding Explanations for Sets of Events, Berkeley (2010)

Linking Uncertain Events - Searching the space of globally feasible explanations, CMP (2009)

Bicycle Theft Detection - Motivation and Prototype, 2008

Other Talks:

Machine Learning Saves Computer Vision - First year students talk (2014)

Tips from an ex-PhD student (2011)